Our Diving Center

Our operational base has been designed to offer the best in comfort and facilities, such as a spacious changing room, showers, an area for assembling and rinsing equipment, a reception, a training room, and an equipment storeroom.

The center has a small but reliable car for carrying the equipment from the diving center to the nearby embarkation point without having to resort to pushing a rusty handcart through busy roads, at times under a hot sun or beating rain.

The local area offers every amenity, such as marinas, bars, trattorias, restaurants, hotels, shops and above all, a number of beaches to keep your non-diving companions entertained, unless they wish to take a boat trip with you & us.In fact the trip out to sea is also open to those who wish to practice snorkeling whilst others are diving.

In any case we are taking care for your transportation from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to your hotel and all your transportations from our facilities to the dive sites throughout your stay.

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