Snoreling in Tolo, Greece

PADI’s snorkeling philosophy has three basic premises:

  1. People snorkel because they want to see and interact with the underwater world.
  2. Snorkeling is easy and safe.
  3. Snorkelers may not want to be scuba divers.

Interacting with the Underwater World

One of the most common reasons given for going snorkeling is to see the underwater world.

Aquatic life identification books, slates and videos are popular snorkeling materials because they enhance the snorkelers' experiences by defining and categorizing the animals and plants they see. Beyond aquatic life identification, snorkelers may have other specific goals. For example, photography and videography are natural extensions of aquatic life interests. Collecting and sharing photos or videos taken while snorkeling broadens and diversifies the experience.

Snoreling in Tolo, Greece

Shallow water exploration can include searching for artifacts and research activities. Wrecks near shore or partially submerged can provide exciting snorkeling.

Night snorkeling can produce the same thrill experienced by night divers.Snorkeling often appeals to those with a general interest in oceans, tide pools, and inland waterways.

Snorkelers tend to be nature-oriented people who pursue environmental causes, and want to take part in preserving our underwater resources. Snorkelers can be strong Project AWARE ambassadors, participating in beach cleanups, shallow water cleanups and other activities.

Snoreling in Tolo, Greece

Easy and Safe

Most people enjoy snorkeling in the open water environment, snorkeling in a swimming pool may also be fun. For example, snorkeling may be an aerobic activity, part of an overall fitness program in health clubs, colleges and universities.

Doesn’t Always Lead to Scuba

Scuba oriented people have a natural tendency to want to persuade snorkelers to scuba dive. Because many scuba divers were first introduced to the underwater world through snorkeling, they see trying scuba diving as a logical progression. Some snorkelers have no desire to try scuba. Others have tried diving and decided that snorkeling suits them better.

Consider snorkeling a worthwhile activity!!!

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